We love horse.

We treat horses with care. We have a passion of training you with the horse riding technique.

  • Proper livery arrangements
  • Guide to ride through country trails and forests
  • Stable management classes


Our horse riding training program

We have a goal to make you one of the confident riders. From the novice rider, you can reach an advanced level.

Why to choose horse-riding lesson

Do you think horse riding as only a sport? However, we think that it is a way of developing a connection with horse. What do you get from it? You will feel positive.

You can reduce your stress hormones by increasing your serotonin level. Interact with nature and wildlife.

You can smell the foliage, and these are the peaceful hacks in your life to stay better and healthier. Moreover, you will have a sense of achievement.

Frequently asked questions

1Am I going to ride on one particular horse on every training session?
No, we have a number of horses. With your development of skills, we will give you a chance of riding different horses. You can enjoy our horses and ponies.
2Should I wear perfect outfit for my lesson?
Surely, you have to do that for your convenience. You must put on your riding boots, helmet, britches and half chaps.
3When should I arrive at the spot for training?
We would send you a schedule. However, you must arrive at the spot minimum 30 minutes before the given time.
4Is there any weight limit of riders?
We have set a weight limit for keeping our horses safe. This limit is applicable for some horses. However, for the groundwork lessons, there’s no weight limit.
5Do you impart training on horse care?
Our instructors know about the ways of treating and caring for the horses. You will get lots of tips from them.

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