We love horse.

We treat horses with care. We have a passion of training you with the horse riding technique.

  • Proper livery arrangements
  • Guide to ride through country trails and forests
  • Stable management classes


Our horse riding training program

We have a goal to make you one of the confident riders. From the novice rider, you can reach an advanced level.

Why to choose horse-riding lesson

Do you think horse riding as only a sport? However, we think that it is a way of developing a connection with horse. What do you get from it? You will feel positive.

You can reduce your stress hormones by increasing your serotonin level. Interact with nature and wildlife.

You can smell the foliage, and these are the peaceful hacks in your life to stay better and healthier. Moreover, you will have a sense of achievement.

Frequently asked questions

1Am I going to ride on one particular horse on every training session?
No, we have a number of horses. With your development of skills, we will give you a chance of riding different horses. You can enjoy our horses and ponies.
2Should I wear perfect outfit for my lesson?
Surely, you have to do that for your convenience. You must put on your riding boots, helmet, britches and half chaps.
3When should I arrive at the spot for training?
We would send you a schedule. However, you must arrive at the spot minimum 30 minutes before the given time.
4Is there any weight limit of riders?
We have set a weight limit for keeping our horses safe. This limit is applicable for some horses. However, for the groundwork lessons, there’s no weight limit.
5Do you impart training on horse care?
Our instructors know about the ways of treating and caring for the horses. You will get lots of tips from them.

Recent Blog Posts

Understanding Thai Amulet

No doubt that there is a fascination with the Buddhist faith in the world. Humans have tried and done everything, from getting Laughing Buddha to your house to get the healthy “chi” inside building. Let us look at the most common antique Buddhist elements of all, Buddha amulet, many kinds of it, & all the meaning of those spiritual & holy amulets, on that note.

Every single Thai amulets are made. D by holy priests in holy or sacred temples and all of them is blessed. The cost of these amulet depends on their age, the materials used & the priest who created them. For example, an amulet that are created recently will price less than someone with high standard rank as priest who made it long ago.

LP Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho Garuda is the most precious antique amulet to exist, intended to bring luck & good fortune to the wearer. Getting a Buddhist amulets at base of stupa or monastery is also a popular Buddhist practice.

It’s evident that in the creation of the amulet Phra Rod, the name it came from this being found during the first half of King Chulalongkorn ‘s period inside a partly broken stupa in the Wat Mahawan. On the other hand, the Phra Nang Phaya was discovered when few people decided to dig piece of a land so that they can do arrangements for arrival of the King Chulalongkorn. This story surrounding Phra Phong Suphan amulets, on the other hand, is a slight different. Apparently, underneath the Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat, some local robbers came to steal them. Then, to check what was missing & what remained, the government requested that official dig to be done, and thats how Phra Phong Suphan was found.

Spiritual healing, seeking peace & praying to Lord Buddha are the key uses of the Buddhist amulet, that’s are antique or fake. This implies that, as a fashion entities, one may not or rather you shouldn’t use Thai amulets. ashing your hands properly before you wear it and even before you are taking this off is one of the fundamental principles of wearing the Thai amulet. Recite whichever mantra you want which will help you find the peace while wearing it, with “Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sam buddha ssa” being the most popular Thai mantra.

Unfortunately, people are distracted from the actual purpose of amulets many times, & it results like this, fake amulets are often sold, particularly to the foreign tourist. There is a way of distinguishing fake from real amulets, not a single way. The best approach, then, is that take someone with you who have encountered at some stage in their life wearing amulets.

Track Your Phone using IMEI

The use of IMEI number tracker is easy and requires no technological expertise. Only thing that the consumer wants is the availability of a proper IMEI code. Once this is done the country in which your cell phone was first registered must be mentioned. Phone operators are organizations that connect IMEI to mobile identity. Under the correct circumstances, they will have the legal right to blacklist and whitelist it.

IMEI tracker offers an accurate check of the phone’s location, whether it is lost or stolen, at the time of monitoring, it produces a detailed report on the phone. Read about its usability from the report published at which is reputed service provide to track your lost mobile using Geo Localiser Un Portable

There are two kinds of IMEI trackers: Google Play Store smartphone tracking applications and online tracking platforms. In terms of geo-positioning your system, they both have good results.

However, under some cases, online channels may be more fitting than smartphone applications. You need to get the software itself enabled on your computer to work with a smartphone monitoring app. It means that before being able to monitor your mobile phone, you should have acted.

That is exactly why it will remain the best choice for you to go through an online portal. You can get started with the tracing process once you place your hand on your device’s IMEI. Things go a lot faster and time is precious in such cases. The more time you lose, the lower the odds of having your phone back.

That said, both approaches rely on International phone Equipment Identity in terms of accuracy and performance. The only distinction remains between how processing takes place and how long it will consume to trace your cell phone.

By leveraging IMEI ‘s strength, our platform also acts like phone finder. To do that, you should get IMEI of your mobile device & go through its procedure we have addressed previously. Today, we know the fact that losing phone can be horrific experience because our personal life has been connected to these tiny devices. We have our past, our errors, and our future ventures. When phone is no longer in our hands, this explains the tension that invades us;

You’ll have to act and act quickly if you need to have a decent chance of finding your cell phone via IMEI. To access the IMEI tracking platform, the 1st thing you should to worry for is finding a computer which has Internet connection. Then to locate your phone, you’ll run the tracker, but it’s not as simple as it seems. Phone can be in motion, and at a moment, the device only displays the location. Keeping the location current requires lot of internal & external device resources, which is why you must open several parts or continue to restart the operating system until your phone is located.

Place To Visit When Traveling to Singapore

One of the most expensive country to visit is Singapore, but we can get more places to visit and which can make to forget pressure on wallet. Below are some of the favorite places to visit in Singapore.

  • Garden by Bay- With this super tree the landscape of the city has transformed to landmark. This botanical garden is in heart hub of Marine Bay and gave a global reputation for Singapore as garden city. You can make a visit to this iconic garden before 7.45pm (or) 8.45pm daily and get the best to watch in garden Rhapsody, which attract with light show for about fifteen minutes.
  • Join Singapore festive celebration- With Singapore night festival to music festival and friendly children festival in Botanic garden, these entertainment are free for visitors in most of the months. Visit Singapore tourism to know more about upcoming events.
  • Bukit Brown Cemetery Tomb- It was early established at 20th century, it was Chinese biggest cemetery outside China having about 100000 graves, this place was abandoned, but still it is existing today. Today this place is spot for birds and wildlife and identified and preserved as heritage site.
  • Southern Ridges- A walk around in Southern Riges can be great as it offers beautiful serenity. As it is closer to nature, it is great place to explore for nature lover, history buffs, bird watchers, walking enthusiasts and also great place for family outing. Southern Ridge is about 10km stretch open spaces with some of admired gardens and parks of Singapore.
  • East coast Park- The one place for outdoor revelry with several local and foreign tourists, this place in located at south-eastern coast of Singapore. It is highly valued urban gateways, as it offers exciting diversity of several activities and great place for sports, dinning, entertainment and legal betting at for exciting and fun filled games. One can enjoy picnic with friends and family by sitting under coconut tree, casuarinas or in beaches, the varied lifestyle available here is one of Singapore exiting attraction.
  • Singapore botanic garden-  This botanic garden is more than 150 years old, it is one of the attraction for visitors and local residents. This botanic garden with horticultural attraction with significant plants collected across worldwide. It is only tropical garden to by honored by UNESCO as world heritage site.
  • Fort canning park- It is one of the historical place of Singapore which has witnessed many significant event Singapore history. Today this park is venue for many celebrations and concerts, this park venue space is used for parties, gathering, weddings and theater productions.
  • St Andrew Cathedral- The country’s largest  and oldest cathedral church, this architectural masterpiece stands at Singapore civic district.
  • Merlion- The iconic sculpture is one of the major tourist attraction, it is mythical creation with lion head and fish body which is located at waterfront Merlion park. This mythical symbol is popular attraction for visitor in the island, visit and witness this concrete figure.
  • Santosa- This fun island is man made island build for recreation and fun, the main attraction include resorts, universal studios, beach playground, parks and many attractions. Beaches here is perfect place to relax and nightfall.

Travel Insurance for Singapore

Intelligent Travelers Will Look into Getting Vacation Insurance

Do you want to take a vacation to Singapore, but think there’s a risk that you could need to abort your plans at the last minute with no refund? Do you think weather might be a factor, especially if you will be traveling to an area particularly vulnerable to hurricanes? Could you be called away on issues of importance on short notice? Do you or your relatives have health issues that might require you to cancel your vacation to Singapore?

If any of these situations are possibilities for you then you might want to think about purchasing travel insurance to prevent paying for a vacation that you won’t get to experience, or worse yet a trip that ends up shortened because you or a travelling companion have to return home from Singapore as a result of illness or injury. If you happen to visit, you can opt of free travel insurance on every play.

Fortunately, travel insurance is low cost and could save you substantial money if an unfortunate event happens. As increasing numbers of people travel far and wide, the airlines are increasingly over-booked. This increases the potential for flight cancellations and delays.

If you reserve your Singapore holiday as a vacation package, most travel outfitters will offer insurance inclusive with the reservation process. But if this is not directly offered and you still would like to insure against unexpected events, we think you should consider Travel Guard Insurance. They can provide travel & vacation insurance for airport closures, evacuation and medical incidents and they offer round the clock travel assistance during your adventures in Singapore.

Before deciding on buying travel insurance, consider if the cost is worth the comfort you will experience knowing that if your vacation plans are cancelled…you won’t be stressed out and stuck with paying big bucks to account for problems with your trip. We believe travel insurance is worth the cost in most cases where there might be unplanned events.

Genting Highlands – Malaysia Transportation Guide

Malaysia is the biggest attraction for tourists present all over the world. Every year hundreds and thousands of tourists visit Malaysia to enjoy their vacation. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. There are many tourist hotspots present in Malaysia such as Genting Highlands, Cameroon Highlands, Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower, Art Gallery, Petaling Jaya, Penang and Red Mosque etc.

Among these hot-spots, Genting Highlands is the city of entertainment and many people come here after reading CasinoReviews MY; it is located in the mountain region in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. There are many travel options when travelling to Genting Highlands. Getting there can be enjoyable or a hectic experience dependent on the mode of transport and also the weather conditions. There are some recommended transportation tips to Genting Highlands in Malaysia.

Travelling By Car:
If you go by car, it may take about 45 minutes to an hour’s drive from the city center of Kuala Lumpur. From Singapore, it may take about 4 to 5 hours and depends on at what speed you drive on the highway. If you drive by car, it provides the most flexibility to travel anywhere in Malaysia. If the weather is good, then you will have quite a scenic experience up the mountain. However there are a few things to take note when going by car:

Weather Conditions:
When you go up the mountain, it can get foggy at times and with a good chance of rain due to the change in elevation. Therefore set some precautions to travel in car, as the fog and rain negatively affect the driving conditions.

Traffic Conditions:
During weekends, especially from Friday evening to Saturday evening, there will be lot of cars on the road. This is because many locals as well as surrounding people of Genting will make a quick trip up to the Genting Highlands for the weekend. Therefore be careful when driving up the high slopes and take extra caution on the corners of the road for oncoming and overtaking traffic during the busy periods.

Parking is free at the First World Hotel, hence make use of such place to park your car and, it is safe too.

By Bus:
Travelling by bus is another popular mode of transportation. Many bus companies from Singapore / Johor region offer overnight coaches to Genting Highlands. So you can save some time by sleeping on the bus on your way there and enjoy your travel as well as Genting Highlands.


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